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The biggest and the best

Chnuspernüssli peanuts from Gerelli

The biggest and the best! The “Chnuspernüssli” is the premium product in Gerelli’s peanut range.
The peanut gets the description “premium” from its shape. The size and long shape of the peanut kernel result in a fabulously crunchy and fresh taste experience after roasting. The larger peanut kernels make it possible to create a unique roasted flavor. An incredibly delicate, balanced and yet so familiar peanut aroma unfolds when you indulge in this premium quality.

Peanut production

Grown according to strict organic guidelines

Organic peanuts

Organic – good for the planet, great for flavor. Always crunchy, with a balanced nutty yet delicate almondy taste. A delight to eat, one by one


All the best things come in small packages

Gerelli’s peanuts

These peanuts are a bit smaller – but they still pack a punch! They are so crunchy and fresh in flavor. The smaller size of these peanuts allows them to be freshly roasted absolutely to perfection. “À point,” so to speak. With a strong nutty taste!

Get to know us

The Swiss call peanutes "Spanish Nüssli"


Because Spanish explorers brought the first peanuts to Europe from South America. Please also see “Heritage/origins.” Our Spanish Nüssli allow you to enjoy that well-loved, typical peanut flavor. A fresh, earthy taste with that familiar nutty flavor unfolds as soon as you indulge in these quality nuts. Once you start on them, it’s hard to stop!

Peanut glossary

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