Peanut production - from the delicate plants to the delivery

We help each other

It’s not easy being a producer for Gerelli. Our partners have to convince us that they have what it takes. We start with small test consignments and slowly increase our orders to build up a healthy level of mutual trust. Together, we foster and develop new standards in quality and sustainability.

Climate-friendly transport

Our raw ingredients make their way to us on ships, barges and trains. Trucks are only used when there are no alternatives available. This helps to reduce the number of trucks on the road and avoid harmful CO2 emissions.

Win-win situation

A job well done takes a sustainable approach. That’s why all our suppliers must be certified in accordance with at least one social and one environmental standard. That way, everybody wins.

Straight from the source

We don’t like taking detours. Whenever possible, we source our raw ingredients directly from the producers.


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