Innovative peanut roasting

Inspection of incoming goods – Fitness check

After their long journey, all our raw ingredients are thoroughly tested. They are put through their paces with a serious of strict checks before they are permitted to enter our storage facility. Our trained employees examine the ingredients’ internal and external values using methods we developed in-house to safeguard our high quality standards.

Temporary storage – Everything under control

Having complete control over our products is hugely important to us, which is why we strive to store all our raw ingredients in our own facilities. This ensures we have a comprehensive overview of our stock and can see immediately when action is required.

Processing – Time for refining

Before they are processed further, our raw ingredients must undergo various cleaning and filtering procedures. Thanks to innovative separation techniques and cutting-edge camera technology, only the very best nuts end up in the shops.

The nuts are carefully processed using equipment that was specially adapted to meet our requirements. We never let our valuable raw ingredients out of our sight, even the darkest corners of our processing infrastructure. The entire operation is carefully monitored, and we regularly take control samples to ensure our ingredients are always in top condition. This level of scrutiny is the only way to ensure that the nuts’ valuable minerals safely reach our customers.

Packaging – Perfectly protected

Finding the ideal packaging for our products is a balancing act between sustainability and protection. We take care to use the minimum amount of packaging required to keep our products fresh and protected until the end of their shelf life.


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